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Thursday, March 03, 2005



Dear Reader,


On 15th March, 2005, Craig Perrine, The List Profit Coach from Nitro Marketing, will be releasing something that is going to be publicized all over the Internet.

Here's a quick glimpse at what the product looks like:

It is the ONLY complete step by step training system that shows exactly how to build a highly responsive and profitable list quickly and easily. The actual product will be a complete home study course (4 manuals, DVD, video tutorials and 28 cd's) that teaches people the keys to building a list, managing and mailing their list, and profiting from their list.

Nitro Affiliates will open up applications for "The Entrepreneur". The Entrepreneur will be one lucky person that they select to partner with them to run a million dollar project. That's right, this person will get handed a $1,000,000 dollar project!

As part of this project, they'll apprentice with Nitro Affiliates and learn everything they know about marketing. They'll learn Nitro's proprietary business system from the inside (which they've never shared with anyone). This project they work on with Nitro will be their business and they'll have the opportunity to earn a million dollars or more from it.

The person that is selected for this project needs to be extremely well versed in Nitro's proprietary system for building and profiting from lists. So only the first 1000 List Profit Secrets customers will be invited to apply for The Entrepreneur. The training and implementation of that course is absolutely critical to the million dollar project Nitro will hand to The Entrepreneur.


What if you don't want to be The Entrepreneur or not selected or want to learn more before committing yourself to buy "List Profit Secrets"?
Well, Nitro will have a free webcast to kick off the "List Profit Secrets". The webcast will run from 8 pm-9:30 pm EST on 15th March, 2005. At the end of the webcast, orders for the "List Profit Secrets" will begin to be taken.
You probably know that building a list and actually making a profit from your email campaigns is probably the most common challenge that holds people back in their business. That is going to be a thing of the past.

There are three keys to making money with a list and until now no one actually explained everything in one place.

First you have to get subscribers. We all know that. Craig's List Profit Secrets course explains both no cost and paid list building methods that anyone can use.

He's got a unique system of taking a step by step approach that before you know it has you raking in targeted subscribers and setting them up to be highly responsive.

Craig's sure dug up the cutting edge info for this course.

And his guest speakers are like a who's who of Internet Masters.

Second, you really have to know how to manage and mail to your list. With all the hub bub about Spam and the ins and outs of autoresponders and all that, most people just suck it up and learn by trial and error.

But Craig reveals the 'best practices' that will keep your list clean and avoid problems, while managing your subscribers for maximum profit at the same time.

Third, and perhaps most important if you think about it...Craig teaches you how he profits from his lists.

And by the way, Craig has built lists totaling 7 million opt in subscribers for himself, clients and customers -- so he knows what it takes to get you started on the right foot.

Well, what has this all to do with EARNING A MILLION DOLLARS AND MORE ON AND ON?

Firstly, in order to qualify for The Entrepreneur the person must attend the webcast.

Secondly, if you attend the webcast you will learn never revealed secrets of list building and will be on your way to a million dollar income which can be earned repeatedly year after year.

And thirdly, if after the webcast you buy the product you will have a shot at The Entrepreneur and the million dollar project with which it is associated.

What if you are not selected as The Entrepreneur? Well, it may be a blessing in disguise! Perhaps with the List Profit Secrets you would be earning even more than a million dollars!

Talk of a win-win situation!

But the key to all is the webcast. To learn more and register for the webcast, please visit:
See you at the webcast and Good Luck!


Well, even if you are one of the first 1000 buyers from amongst whom The Entrepreneur is to be selected, you must prepare for the selection process. For this you must know something about the Internet business. Nitro has a suit of very good books on Internet marketing. I recommend reading most of them. But the most important thing is to know the Nitro Marketing philosophy. To know the Nitro Marketing Mindset.

This Nitro marketing philosophy or mindset would also be very helpful to you if you are not The Entrepreneur but you want to make your own million dollars on and on.

But, what is Nitro Marketing Mindset?

Simply put, it is an audio package consisting of an interview by Tellman of Kevin Wilke and Matt Gill, two very successful Internet marketers behind Nitro. However, in this interview Kevin and Matt not only reveal the secrets that allow Nitro to consistently create lofty goals and reach or exceed them every time with ease. This package can be said as the philosophy and “how-to” guide of any successful project, and as such is a must “hear” for every aspiring individual in general and Internet marketer in particular. The interview lasts more than four hours. Then there is another session of more than three hours of bonus interviews, and NLP Power Sessions. To learn fully about this incredible package, please visit:

The Millionaire Mindset!

With regards,

Yours sincerely,