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Thursday, November 25, 2010


[Here are some Christmas Gift Ideas for choosing Christmas presents. We hope it would help you in selecting the best Christmas gifts.]

Christmas is fast approaching. All of us might be undecided what Christmas gifts to buy and where to why.

We will see how to buy best Christmas gifts and what things to keep in mind while doing Christmas shopping.

The basic but important point to keep in mind while choosing gifts for Christmas is that what is important is not our liking but the liking of the recipient of the present. We should try to guess this. A gift should be purchased from the point-of-view of the recipient not from the giver. We might like action films but the recipient may not. We may like classical music, but the recipient may not. 

The most important question in choosing the best gift for a person is, of course, his or her age.

Children, obviously, would like different gifts, for example, toys and Video Games; teenagers may like to have videos and sports and outdoors equipments; adults may be more interested in cell phones, electronics, and office supplies; while to senior citizens we may gift books, magazines, and music, and food baskets. Then we have to take into consideration the sex of the recipient. First of all some presents are only meant for a particular sex like ladies dress and gents dress. Moreover, there is subtle difference in their likes and dislikes also, even in this age of equality of sexes. A woman may prefer jewelry while a wallet may be a perfect gift for a man.

After the recipient’s age and sex, his or her relationship with the gift giver is also very important in deciding a perfect gift for Christmas. 

A gift for husband/wife would be different from a gift to boss or colleague which will be different from a gift to a friend. Young people should be very careful in the matter of selecting gifts for their romantic partners.   

What to buy as Christmas present also depends on our emotional attachment to the person for whom a gift is being selected. As mentioned above, sweethearts deserve especial consideration. However, there is another dimension to this. In the matter of gift selection for the persons whom we know intimately we should also know or try to know what one would like to have, what one secretly wishes for, and what one is expecting. Our young child may be dying for a bicycle, while our girl friend may be dreaming of having the dress which is so tantalizingly displayed in the window of the shop by which we together pass nearly everyday. For gifts to such persons we should be keenly aware of their wishes.

Where is important in the sense that a gift is to be brand new and of reputable brand and bought from a good Christmas Shop or Christmas Store. One should try not to buy cheaper or bad quality stuff. The gift should be properly gift-wrapped and accompanied by a gift card. If possible, the price tag should be removed.

Finally, it is also a good idea, wherever possible, to include the gift voucher which entitles return/exchange of the gift, for example, if it does not fit, if it is a dress.

It is also a good idea, wherever suitable, and especially if one is not sure what to give, to give gift vouchers/cards redeemable for products or services. One could also give vacation trips etc. One could also give a pass to some club, gym, or swimming pool. These are available with leading sellers in various denominations.

One could also give personalized gifts. The benefit here is that then the receiver does not bother about the cost of the gift but seeing his/her name/photo on the gift treasures it.

A last resort gift is to give cash or check. Here one has to be careful whether this is appropriate or not. One could give cash or heavy tip as a gift to a waiter, driver, night watchman etc. One could also give cash to intimate persons saying that ‘you buy whatever you want to.’

Though one may tactfully and sometimes secretly try to find out what a particular person would like as a gift, it is never a good idea to directly ask or discuss this question with the concerned person. There is the danger of the uncomfortable situation when on asking somebody tells his preference which may be difficult to get or out of the range of our budget for the particular person.

Depending on who is the recipient of the gift and whether he or she would not take it otherwise, self help and motivational gifts can also be given. There are unlimited resources of this kind available in the market. One of the cutting edge system can be had here:
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Also remember, intangible gifts are thousands of times better than tangible gifts. Christmas is the festival of love. Take the trouble of showing your love and helping others. Visit your friends and relatives whom you have not visited since long; invite them at home; or reconcile with an estranged friend.

To recapitulate, one has to buy gift for different persons considering their age, sex, likes and dislikes, relationship with the gift giver, and, of course, the budget.

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Last, but not the least, one should not forget those unfortunate fellow human beings who don’t have any food to eat, any clothes to wear, and any roof over their head. Gift something to your favorite charity.
After all said and done, don’t forget to give a gift to yourself also. Buy for yourself which you had been dreaming of having since long but you thought you could not afford it. It may be a car, a golf set, a cell phone, or a new suit. I would recommend, you either buy a complete library for yourself, i.e. buy a Kindle from above link and them browse for some latest hot releases at: Kindle or, buy some hypnosisdownload products from above link or from following link: Hypnosisdownloads.

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[I am sorry that this blog looks like a Sales Letter. However, illustrations are necessary for better understanding! I hope these gift ideas for Christmas help you in your shopping for the best Christmas gifts.]

Friday, November 19, 2010


In August this year, newspapers were full of the story of the discovery of a great Italian painter and sculpture, Pordenone Montanari, 73, who had shut himself away from the world for 18 years to exclusively devote himself to his work and relying for his bare necessities on his wife. He was discovered when his wife was putting up a “For Sale” sign to the gate post and a local businessman of Indian origin was passing by. The businessman bought the house within hours and, in partnership with another Indian businessman, bought the rights to the artist’s work.

His work prompt comparison to C├ęzanne, Braque, Bacon, and Picasso. Dr. Rossana Pitteli, art expert at the Italian Cultural Institute said, “Montanari is a truly exciting new Italian discovery.”

Edward Lucie-Smith, a leading British art historian to whom the work was shown by the buyers, said that Montanari was unique. She said, “Some contemporary artists pursue fame; others find in an obstacle in the path of their highest ambitions. Montanari belongs to the second category.”

I would like to make two points here.

In Gita, Lord Krishna tells Arjun, “You have right to action only; not to its results. Don’t be attached to the results to your actions; and don’t be without action too.”

It means to do one’s duty without bothering much for its results and rewards.

Mind you, this was taught by Krishna with a view to persuade Arjun to fight the great was of Mahabharat.

In the world great people, artist, writers, and scientists do work without directly being much bothered about the results and rewards.

In India, nobody knows who wrote their great Vedas and Upanishads. In fact, they seem to be the combined effort of many people over a long period of time.

The second point is that success comes after long and lonely hard work and many times after many failures. Some say that for success in any field seven years of hard work is necessary. Get Rich Overnight, Get Famous Overnight, or Get Successful Overnight schemes don’t work in real world. Only hard work over many years bears fruit.

In this connection, please, also ponder over the following:life history of one of the greatest ‘failures’ of the world:

1. Age: 21 years :Failure in business.

2. Age: 22 years :Failure in elections.

3. Age: 24 years :Failure in business.

4. Age: 26 years :Death of wife.

5. Age: 27 years :Nervous breakdown.

6. Age: 34 years :Defeat in Congress elections.

7. Age: 45 years :Defeat in Senate elections.

8. Age: 47 years :Defeat in attempt to become Vice-President.

Who was this man?

Abraham Lincoln who became President of America at the age of 52


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