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Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Beautiful Summer!

The beautiful summer is here. Summer is of long sunny days, cool mornings and evenings, extended daylight into the late hours of evenings.

It is the time of time of long morning/evening walks/jogs, picnics and all the outdoor activities. It is the time to catch up with your health resolutions, readings, and learning a new skill.

The beautiful summer is for activity—both outdoors and indoors!

It is also the time to make fresh resolutions after the sad demise of New Year Resolutions!

New Year Resolutions were doomed to be broken. They were made at the wrong time.

New Year comes at the height of the winter. Days are shorter and outdoors are inhospitable for sports and recreation. It comes after the festival season. Everybody has dined and danced and needs rest rather than the strict regime of New Year Resolutions.

In many countries and regions, New Year is celebrated in March-April. For example, in Indian National Calendar (Saka Calendar), New Year starts on March 22. Iranian, Zoroastrian, Bahai, Saka (Balinese-Javanese), calendars commence on various days in March. Assyrian, Nepali, Thai, Cambodian, and Sinhalese, etc. New Years are celebrated in April. Within India, various States celebrate their New Years in March or April.

In Gregorian calendar it falls in winter as the two months of January and February were added later (that is why September, October, November, and December are 9th-12th months rather than 7th-10th months as their names would suggest.

Summer is for action and catching up on unattended chores and projects.

Let your Summer Resolutions be:
1. You will reactivate your New Year Resolutions. If they have failed miserably just take this as a lesson in knowing what works and what not.
2. Since in summers there is extended day light both in the mornings and evenings, resolve to take advantage of this. The obvious choice would be some physical activity—walking, jogging, swimming, playing, etc. Join some team or club so that there is team pressure to be regular to play.
3. Develop new interests, for example, in climbing, surfing, fishing, trekking, etc.
4. If you are writer or artist, use the extra day light to devote to your work early in the morning or in the evening.
5. Go for camping, etc. during the week-ends. Summers are not for staying cooped up in one’s own home.

Your New Year’s Resolutions failed because the time was not right for those type of activities which you had resolved to do. But another reason was that you had not committed any money or effort before hand into it. What I mean by it is that you might have resolved to play tennis, but perhaps you did not even buy a tennis racket!

I, therefore, suggest clicking on the following links and preparing yourself for your resolutions before hand.Perhaps, you would say that in the garb of this article, I am only interested in selling something. Well, for The Life Beautiful! our attitude should also be positive. What you are going to gain by enquiring into my motive and getting frustrated. You have to just see whether my advice makes sense or not. Talking of motives, our entire market and service sector has profit motive behind it. Does it follow that they are not useful? Are our leaders, legislators, doctors, and shop keepers not useful by the mere fact that they may be profit oriented too!

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