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Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Physical disability is no bar to live one's dream. In the

history of humankind there are many men and women who lived

their dream despite physical disability. The obvious names

which come to mind are those of Helen Keller, Stephen Hawking,

and numerous blind musicians and singer and poets.

Helen Keller was deaf and blind. Stephen Hawing suffers from a

disease known as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), which

is a progressive, usually fatal, neurodegenerative disease

caused by the degeneration of motor neurons, the nerve cells

in the central nervous system that control voluntary

muscle movement.

However, most of them had to revise their dreams to suit

their disability. Helen Keller could read only Braille,

Stephen Hawing lives in the world of mind (and theoretical

science) and many others excel in the fields unrelated to

their disability.

But here is the example of somebody who fought against all

odds and excelled in the same field for which he was not

well equipped.

This is the story of Oscar Pistorius who was born without

fibulas (the thin outer bone between the knee and ankle) and

was 11 months old when his legs were amputated below the

knee. He now uses prosthetics. Pistorius holds the 400m

Paralympic world record of 46.56 seconds, but that time is

outside the Olympic qualifying standard of 45.55. He

could also be included in South African Olympic 1,600 relay


On January 14, 2008, the International Amateur Athletics

Federation (IAAF), ruled him ineligible for competitions

conducted under the IAAF rules, including the 2008 Summer

Olympics. But on May 16, 2008, Court of Arbitration for

Sport (CAS) in Switzerland, overturned the ruling. And now

even IAAF says that it accepts the binding decision. Its

President said that he is an inspirational man and we look

forward to admiring his achievements in the future.

All this goes to prove that persistence and will power

overcomes all hurdles.

Live The Life Beautiful!

Be Happy! Be Healthy! Be Successful!

Now, Year Round and Forever!

Thursday, May 08, 2008


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Imagine if you could remember everything in your life!

Then you would surely remember your birth, enfancy, childhood, and a constant presence, life-support, and abode of infinte love and care--your dear mother.

Your mother bore you nine and half months in her womb. She nourished you there from her blood. She carried you inside her mindful of your safety and care. She sacrificed her comforts, life style and food habits for you. Your mother might have even sacrificed her career and health for you.

Then Your mother went through excruciating pain while giving birth to you. She endnagered her own life and health while giving birth to you. It is said that child birth is second life for the mother--because she could have died during it.

After your birth, you were totally dependent on the mother for all of your needs--love and care, security, and nourishment. She nourished you with her milk. She slept pitfully waking at every movement and cry of yours. You pissed and defecated all over her. Your mother did not mind. You scattered food and water all around the house. She did not care. When you fell sick your mother sat awake all night looking at your face.

When you grew up a little, she taught you all sorts of things and carried you all around proudly and carefully. She worried everytime when you went outside. She imagined all sorts of bad things happening to you. She worried no end.

But, of course, you don't remember all that. You think that you were born adult! That's why even today you don't remember your mother. To serve one's mother is the greatest bliss on earth. Those are fortunate whose mother is alive.

If you are a girl, you may be looking eagerly to motherhood. If you are already a mother, you must be taking care of your son or daughter. Then how could you forget somebody who took similar care of yours.

If you are a man with children seeing your wife taking care of your children with love, think of your mother too.

Are you not ashamed that you have practically forgotten your mother? You have left her to fend for herself in her old age. What would have happned if your mother too had abandoned you at your enfancy? You could not have survived. How, then, you imagine that your mother can survive without your care and love in this old age?

Even if your mother is not old and incapable, she still loves you and wants to be near you and your family. Give her opportunities to be a part of your family.

And, if she is still with you in a joint family, don't treat her as a burden. This is a great opportunity to serve your mother.

On this mother's day, give her the gift of love and care. This is the greatest gift you could give her. She really does not want anything else from you.

But in your childhood you pestered her for millions of things and she gave you thousands of gift. So, on this special Mother's Day give her some gift which she would love and cherish.

Above all, don't forget Mother's Day. Plan for it from this moment. And choose your gifts (don't give her just one!) with love and care. Don't let money come between you. Sky is the limit where mother's love (or gift) is concerned!

Happy Mother's Day!



Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Beautiful Summer!

The beautiful summer is here. Summer is of long sunny days, cool mornings and evenings, extended daylight into the late hours of evenings.

It is the time of time of long morning/evening walks/jogs, picnics and all the outdoor activities. It is the time to catch up with your health resolutions, readings, and learning a new skill.

The beautiful summer is for activity—both outdoors and indoors!

It is also the time to make fresh resolutions after the sad demise of New Year Resolutions!

New Year Resolutions were doomed to be broken. They were made at the wrong time.

New Year comes at the height of the winter. Days are shorter and outdoors are inhospitable for sports and recreation. It comes after the festival season. Everybody has dined and danced and needs rest rather than the strict regime of New Year Resolutions.

In many countries and regions, New Year is celebrated in March-April. For example, in Indian National Calendar (Saka Calendar), New Year starts on March 22. Iranian, Zoroastrian, Bahai, Saka (Balinese-Javanese), calendars commence on various days in March. Assyrian, Nepali, Thai, Cambodian, and Sinhalese, etc. New Years are celebrated in April. Within India, various States celebrate their New Years in March or April.

In Gregorian calendar it falls in winter as the two months of January and February were added later (that is why September, October, November, and December are 9th-12th months rather than 7th-10th months as their names would suggest.

Summer is for action and catching up on unattended chores and projects.

Let your Summer Resolutions be:
1. You will reactivate your New Year Resolutions. If they have failed miserably just take this as a lesson in knowing what works and what not.
2. Since in summers there is extended day light both in the mornings and evenings, resolve to take advantage of this. The obvious choice would be some physical activity—walking, jogging, swimming, playing, etc. Join some team or club so that there is team pressure to be regular to play.
3. Develop new interests, for example, in climbing, surfing, fishing, trekking, etc.
4. If you are writer or artist, use the extra day light to devote to your work early in the morning or in the evening.
5. Go for camping, etc. during the week-ends. Summers are not for staying cooped up in one’s own home.

Your New Year’s Resolutions failed because the time was not right for those type of activities which you had resolved to do. But another reason was that you had not committed any money or effort before hand into it. What I mean by it is that you might have resolved to play tennis, but perhaps you did not even buy a tennis racket!

I, therefore, suggest clicking on the following links and preparing yourself for your resolutions before hand.Perhaps, you would say that in the garb of this article, I am only interested in selling something. Well, for The Life Beautiful! our attitude should also be positive. What you are going to gain by enquiring into my motive and getting frustrated. You have to just see whether my advice makes sense or not. Talking of motives, our entire market and service sector has profit motive behind it. Does it follow that they are not useful? Are our leaders, legislators, doctors, and shop keepers not useful by the mere fact that they may be profit oriented too!

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